Friday, November 20, 2015

Parts - Need them quick, need them right!

When a piece of equipment is down, response time is of vital importance. Finding the part quick is important, but finding the right part that is the right replacement is the most important consideration. When a part is needed, call the parts department and be prepared with the following things; manufacturer name, model number, and serial number.  It helps to provide company name, contact name, and return phone number, as these things help confirm customer account is set up, active, and ready to process an order. While the world grows ever more in love with high tech gadgets and communication methods, parts inquiries, proposals, and orders should be handled over the phone with a live person. Even if that means waiting on a call back from an experienced parts associate, the wait for human interaction can be invaluable. Experienced parts associates can help make sure the part is right by asking the right questions. They also may offer other considerations, additional items needed for replacement along with the single part, as well as options for freight and shipping to ensure the right part, at the right price, to meet the situation.
You might think a large company with a fleet of equipment would get preferential treatment and attention. All customers needing parts for a piece of equipment that is not operating are important. Sometimes, the small companies rely completely on one piece of equipment, and don't have a spare to use during parts wait time. If there are any questions about the part and location of the part, an exploded parts diagram can be provided showing the part detail, and that can help verify that part ordered is the right part. Other things to consider would be quality of the part, warranty coverage for the part, and assistance provided by the parts department. 
Getting the right part, at the right price, at the right time, that makes for a good combination for getting that piece of equipment back in operation.

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