Friday, January 15, 2016

Have it Your Way!
One of the fast food giants had a campaign slogan that offered a variety of options on your burger, allowing you to build the perfect burger by having it your way.  Forklifts and Fast Food, something in common?  Who would have thought it?
Forklifts have a variety of options that are meant to "customize" the equipment to the specific need for the application. We complete an application survey while visiting customers that helps us match the many options available to bring that "perfect" forklift to their operation.  The options are usually built around performance, cost savings, ergonomics, special attachments, and safety.  Sometimes, we get to have some fun with color options. Here is a recent picture of a customer delivery on new forklifts painted to match the customer need. Talk about the perfect forklift!
Not all option selections are quite so fun, and interesting. The option list is too exhaustive to list here and forklifts do specific functions in specific areas, and need to have specific options to offer the best return on investment. Here are just a few examples;
  • Special height, width, or turning radius.
  • Operation options - mini levers, speed control, hydraulic controls.
  • Attachments - side shifter, fork positioner, lateral clamp, etc.
  • Power - Electric, LPG, Diesel, special rating for hazardous areas.
  • Safety - Lights, Alarms, Impact sensors.
  • Cost savings - fuel, labor, parts, and rental.
When you are looking for the best forklift for your specific application, be sure to take the time to let ACT evaluate the application and offer the right options. You can "Have it your way" and customize the forklift to offer savings for year to come.

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