Friday, February 26, 2016

Specialty Solutions

Specialty Solutions since 1973
ACT has been a dealer for LIFT-A-LOFT for 43 years.  Lift-A-Loft makes vertical mast aerial lifts designed to operate in narrow aisles and congested plant environments. These self-propelled aerial lift platforms offer a combination of high lift, reach, and maneuverability that make them a safe solution for tough industrial applications. When floor space is at a premium, it is more important than ever to have vertical mast lifts that can fit in tight areas and provide up and over reach. These aerial lifts can be used for facilities maintenance, work process or work positioning applications.
 Vertical Mast Lifts
Vertical mast aerial lifts are known for their versatility, stability and durability. Operators feel comfortable working when they are able to access hard to reach areas that other products cannot accommodate. This is why thousands of industrial manufacturing facilities around the world depend on Lift-A-Loft lifts on a daily basis.

Lift-A-Loft also supplies custom solutions for industrial customers with unique or unusual needs. Special units are built by adding features and tools to lifting systems to improve efficiency and safety for a given application. Lift-A-Loft can also offer certain material handling and order picking solutions or design products from the ground up to solve a particular application requirement.
With an onsite assessment, recommendations can be made for the proper solution. Options include sale, lease, rental, as well as rebuild of existing units. Does your company get the annual ANSI required inspection for aerial work platform equipment?  ACT offers complete service and safety training for aerial work platforms, so solutions come in and a variety of ways.
Up, up, and away, but do it safely!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Inclement Weather - Regional challenges

Weather in the North Carolina and Virginia can create difficult times for businesses. Companies are faced with difficult decisions about closures, delays, and closing early. A close eye on local forecasts along with an eye toward other institutions and businesses helps provide some guidance. Companies always look to create a safe environment and work place for their associates, and the challenge is compounded when the business provides services that require most of the associates to travel on the potentially hazardous roads.  Material handling equipment dealers typically have over 50% of their associates driving to and from customer locations, providing services, deliveries, and providing solutions. So, a close eye to weather forecast, closing and delay announcements, and internal conversations help provide some input in the right decision.
Specific more in North Carolina than Virginia is the dilemma of making a decision for a business that services customers as far south as Fayetteville, and as far north as Mount Airy.  Anyone from the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina realizes that most of our storm forecasts shows that line of participation with types and accumulation estimates.

 The decision regarding inclement weather involves a great deal more than safety. What about customer service and customer retention?  If a business is open, and requires a specific service that is needed that day, competitors have gained access and opportunities in the account. If the material handling dealer is fortunate and the service need will wait for a couple of days, one potential issue has been avoided, but a very real one still exists.  Most material handling dealers generate their revenue during normal work days and hours, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.  When the material handling dealer closes, revenue is lost and profits are diminished, so the decision to close comes with a real cost.  For example, lets says that business A generates $3,000,000 in profits from their parts and service departments annually. The decision to close each day costs approximately $11,538 in profit.   So the next time you see that "crawl" at the bottom of the local TV station and see that long list of closed businesses, think about all those poor people making decisions for their companies and their associates.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Piggyback Solutions

Truck mounted forklifts offer buyers the luxury of controlling delivery schedules, improve customer satisfaction, and get product delivered to difficult areas.  Manitou recently updated their product and the new release brings a new Kubota engine, updated hood design, and improved instrument cluster.

The TMT 55 Truck-Mounted Forklifts provide convenience and quick deliveries with the ability to unload a flatbed from a single side. The telescopic boom with reach 4'10" forward, with standard stabilizers and tilt for more load control. The TMT 55 also has the shortest trailer overhang in the industry with a lighter overall machine weight allowing for more materials to be hauled in each load.

The ability to load and unload from one side of the trailer saves a great deal of time, bringing a return on investment quickly, and the unit also provides low overhang with less total weight, allowing customers to maximize the products delivered to their end users. This model comes with 5500 lb capacity, and offers extra traction, high traction, and 4 way travel models to match a variety of applications in the field. Solutions from the road and over the road.