Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Piggyback Solutions

Truck mounted forklifts offer buyers the luxury of controlling delivery schedules, improve customer satisfaction, and get product delivered to difficult areas.  Manitou recently updated their product and the new release brings a new Kubota engine, updated hood design, and improved instrument cluster.

The TMT 55 Truck-Mounted Forklifts provide convenience and quick deliveries with the ability to unload a flatbed from a single side. The telescopic boom with reach 4'10" forward, with standard stabilizers and tilt for more load control. The TMT 55 also has the shortest trailer overhang in the industry with a lighter overall machine weight allowing for more materials to be hauled in each load.

The ability to load and unload from one side of the trailer saves a great deal of time, bringing a return on investment quickly, and the unit also provides low overhang with less total weight, allowing customers to maximize the products delivered to their end users. This model comes with 5500 lb capacity, and offers extra traction, high traction, and 4 way travel models to match a variety of applications in the field. Solutions from the road and over the road.


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