Friday, March 18, 2016

Do more, with less!
Many times in business, we are asked to do more with the same, sometimes with less.  In the case of warehouse space, the costs are high so proper management and use of available space is a good area to apply "do more, with less" strategy.  There are products offered that meet this need head on.  The Flexi Narrow Aisle units offer a reduction of aisle space while offering the ability to load and unload trailers, a rare combination in the material handling world. See the chart below for typical aisles required, and you can see how the Flexi can give you back 40-50% more space in your warehouse compared to a conventional sit down counterbalanced forklift, and 25-30% more space compared to a reach Truck application. Do more, with the same, or even less.
An application study at your warehouse can help determine the savings specific to your building and needs. A product demonstration on site with your driver can help show the product working in less space and confirm the savings.  A warehouse product specialist will assist with the redesign of the rack storage components, smaller aisles, and price additional components if more pallet storage locations is the goal. If not, the assistance for relocation and installation is confirmed with pricing. Putting this all together allows you to confirm the product works and confirm the space savings, therefore you can develop a return on investment rather quickly for your management team.

Flexi Compare

This link from the Narrow Aisle Inc. explains more specifics with a short 2 minute video.

Another experience based solution from ACT that helps customers meet the growing demand in the business world to do more, with less.

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