Monday, March 14, 2016

It's time for Spring Cleaning, and you can reduce maintenance costs and increase safety at the same time.  Spring is here. Be prepared with forklifts that are ready for the temperature change and higher demands for performance.  Forklifts used in various environments are sometimes exposed to shrink wrap, banding materials and other debris from the manufacturing process. This can pose as a maintenance issue for forklifts. If plastic banding material can hold a 3,000 pound load together, imagine what it can do to brake lines, park brake systems, and other forklift parts.

The ground clearance of a forklift is generally kept to a minimum for stability reasons. Unfortunately, low ground clearance makes it easy for materials on the floor to get caught in rotating assemblies, like wheels and fans. Forklift cooling systems are designed to pull air off the floor to help cool the engine. This can create a vacuum that can suck debris (i.e. shrink wrap and dust) off the floor and into the radiator and other components. Debris in the internal components of a forklift can cause damage and overheating. Serious or fatal accidents can also be the result of a forklift damaged by floor debris.  To help with proactive forklift maintenance so you can reduce expense and increase productivity, contact us for more details.
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It only takes one piece of banding to compromise the brakes or steering system, in which case, operators can lose control of equipment and cause serious damage.
Promote good housekeeping at your warehouse. Remove floor debris and potential hazards for everyone’s safety. To help with other facility safety issues, contact us and request a site survey. 


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  2. It’s definitely important to keep your warehouse floor clean. Thanks for the tips! Hillyard Lancaster