Thursday, July 28, 2016

Production and Safety - Side by Side

Businesses are tasked with many objectives and hurdles on the way to being successful.  One of the hurdles we face is the balance of production and safety in the workplace.  A recent trend in the work place is to reduce forklift traffic in production areas.  There are success stories in the business world where companies strike the delicate balance, realizing increase profits and cost reduction.
A company in Florida with under $15 million in annual sales is a good example. This company had experienced the high costs associated with worker back injury due to repetitive motion associated with production work.  The workers bent over to remove components from pallets, and this repetitive motion over a period of time resulted in several back injuries leading to lost productivity, insurance rate increases, and worker compensation rate increases.

Floor Level Lift Table Video

Check out the video link above to see one example of product that offered the solution.
The answer turned out to be a floor level lift table. This product offered quick installation on floor level, 110 Volt AC power, Operator control of lift table height by foot control, and flexibility for movement as plant layout changes over time. The product reduced back injuries, increased productivity by 20%, and had a quick 3 month pay back.  Safety, production, and ergonomics can work together to increase company profits and protect the most valuable assets, the associates.


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