Friday, August 19, 2016

Look Out Below!!! Potential Dangers of forklift chains

Have you ever been carrying a bag full of groceries as a small hole in the bag was growing larger and larger? Perhaps the hole kept growing bigger until just before you got inside, the bag ripped and your canned fruit and vegetables flew everywhere. That scenario is a bit like what happens when your forklift chain isn’t properly maintained.

  1. The pins in your forklift chain are extremely important.
  2. The pins in the chain are what hold your entire load.
  3. Over time, those pins wear out.
  4. If your pins are wearing out and you’re either unaware or not addressing the issue, you’re playing roulette and your odds aren’t good.

Dropping your groceries is bad. Dropping a 3,000 lb. load can be catastrophic. At the very least, when you suddenly drop thousands of pounds, you’re going to scare yourself and other people. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t the only outcome. If pedestrians are walking by when you drop a load, the outcome could be fatal. Fortunately, proper maintenance can help get ahead of old forklift chains before they break. Make planned maintenance a priority. Save your gambling for the casino, not the warehouse. To get your forklift chains checked.  We offer a free chain inspection and use an industry gauge for testing the chain and pins on your forklifts. The chain gauge gives immediate and visual feedback on whether your chains pass or fail.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Excuse Me, I have Work To Do!

We all enjoy a good balance in our lives. Work. Family. Hobby. Rest.  When it comes to work, we are tasked with seemingly more than we can get done. We feel the overload condition as we trudge through work and spend more time getting work completed, and less time with things that bring that proper balance.
Here is a solution for many work place problems.  Utility vehicles that allow you to move, tow, carry, and haul people and products in the work place can help gain lost time back.  People need to get where they are going quickly to keep things running smoothly. The personnel carrier gets people there three times faster than walking. Also, carry more than one person, or carry tools, or carry product, or tow product or supplies.  The versatility of these units make them one of the most overlooked potential solutions in the work place.

C6 Move
MOVE - You may need to move one key employee around a large plant quickly or move 14 guests around your amusement park or zoo. An electric vehicle can handle that and everything in between. If you have personnel walking when they should be riding you are wasting money.

IS Tow
TOW - Forklifts are not the ideal piece of machinery to tow materials or other equipment around your facility. We suggest highly maneuverable tow platforms for loads of up to 14,000 lbs. Maybe you are looking to pull a small utility trailer or maybe an empty semi trailer. Use the right tool for the job and save money while you are at it.

BC Carry
CARRY - You can carry loads up to 6000 lbs. indoors and out.  Maybe you need to move a heavy load in tight quarters, maybe with aisles as small as 30 inches wide. Pure Electric power means there is no emission or noise pollution to worry about.  A burden carrier can be an integral part of your material handling system.

EU Haul
HAUL - Your job requires you to be versatile, so you need a vehicle to match. The utility vehicle is the Swiss army knife of transportation. Move cargo around a nursery in the morning, and carry customers and their purchases to their cars in the afternoon. When your transportation needs are a mix of passengers and cargo, choose a utility vehicle.