Friday, September 23, 2016

Show Me The Money!

This famous line from the 1996 movie titled "Jerry Maguire" captured pop culture for a while. Many can still hear Cuba Gooding Jr. asking his agent to show him the money.  While the film takes a lot of turns and involves a lot more story content, it appears that in the end, the character of Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., wants to receive that lucrative free agent contract signing and the money that comes with it. 
Well, most of us will never know the feeling of getting that type of financial windfall for our ability to play and succeed in professional sports. However, I do believe most people want to feel appreciated for the work and effort they put in at work.  Just this past week, ACT completed their annual customer appreciation golf event where ACT folks worked hard to show our customers our appreciation for their business and loyalty.

We realize we live in a very competitive world with lots of options vying for business and opportunities, so customers are at the core of all our decisions.  When we stop focusing on our customers, we begin a downward spiral toward mediocrity and lose the business we have worked so hard to earn.  ACT invited hundreds of customers to this annual event and had a wonderful time at the course.  It is not about lavish gifts and enticing people to do business with us based on the things we give them. Rather it is about the ongoing value of business partnership and the rewards that come with a value added relationship throughout the year.

We strive hard to proactively bring experience based solutions to our customers year round. We like to believe we "show them the money" year round and the annual golf event is simply a time to relax for one day and enjoy a short time together with the challenge of a golf course instead of the business world.  We can afford to take one day off work to celebrate because we work hard the other days of the year delivering solutions and assisting customers with implementation of new products and services. 
I would like to take one brief moment to publicly say thank you to the ACT associate volunteers.  Our associates did a great job putting together and pulling off this customer appreciation event. These are the people delivering solutions, and they did an awesome job of working this event so things went smooth and our customers had a great time at the course.  ACT Team, well done.


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