Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Expansion? We don't have space now!

Companies want to grow, get stronger, bring on new business, and gain more customers.  What if you are successful at that goal? Where will all the new product go?
One solution that allows businesses to grow yet still use a product that goes from trailer to rack storage area is Flexi.  This product reduces normal aisle for sit down counterbalanced forklifts and provides 40-50% increase in product storage.  The aisle for the Flexi gets down to seven feet, so while offering storage increase over normal sit down counterbalanced forklifts, it also offers 20-25% increase over Reach Trucks yet reduces overall maintenance costs while increasing storage.
5. Applications
In the above picture, you can see how the front wheel drive Flexi operates in an aisle while operating similar to other sit down counterbalanced forklifts.  This product is electric powered with easy to use controls and local support for parts and service.  Whether you want to purchase, lease, or rent, this unit is a good option for increasing storage in your facility.  Real estate is expensive, and certain special requirements for warehouse (cold storage, for example) gets very expensive. The Flexi is "flexible" in the areas it can store; 5 deep push back rack, flow through, drive in, and standard rack systems all can be serviced with the Flexi. 

So, call for a free demo to see how it can help your company with storage problems. You may not need to expand the warehouse, or go off site. Maybe the solution is a Flexi?  If interested it finding out more, contact Brett Davis at or 336-397-5018 for details.


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