Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Where's the beef?

Where's the beef?  This question was part of pop culture back in 1984 as Clara at the ripe old age of 81 asked of the fictional fast food chain "Big Buns".    Three elderly ladies were served an enormous hamburger bun containing a very small hamburger patty.  "Where's the beef" line instantly became a catchphrase across the United States.  Wendy's, sales jumped 31% in 1985 worldwide.
The advertisement was a huge success as it showed the contrast between Clara's two friends that were impressed with the large buns while Clara was more concerned about what was inside.  You can see the original commercial form 32 years ago by clicking this link.

Toyota puts great thought and planning in the details of what is on the inside of their forklifts. Only the best parts that meet stringent testing and quality checks are allowed in the forklifts. This helps to continue Toyota's tradition of the highest customer satisfaction numbers in the industry.
As business owners become Toyota forklift owners, what is on the insider should remain important. Quality parts backed with a strong warranty are reasons for replacing parts with genuine Toyota parts. Toyota takes it another step further and agrees to replace the part and cover the labor to replace failed parts.  That is confidence in replacement part durability and quality. These things add up to lower maintenance cost, increased uptime, and a forklift that keeps running while others sit on the sidelines awaiting repairs.  Here is a short video that discusses Toyota genuine parts.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Created Equal? Not Really!

Why are there so many forklift manufacturers?  Not all forklifts are created equal, and certainly not all applications are the same.  Manitou offers a full line of industrial forklifts that share similar capacities, options, and basic operation as most other forklifts on the market.  However, the Manitou is created to thrive in areas and applications where ground conditions are not always ideal. As shown in the picture below, the Manitou works well in outside area where normal forklifts do not dare consider travel.  The Manitou shown here is a rough terrain mast forklift that offers superior ground clearance, tractor type tires, and even four wheel drive where needed.  The forklift in this picture shows a lift that is loaded with items that are needed in the not so perfect world of outdoor material handling.  You can see the additional clearance and larger tires, but maybe not so easy to see are the other items that can make this forklift a "must have" for yard work in not so perfect weather conditions.  The operator is sage and dry in a cab. The cab has defrost, wipers on the front and back, rear work lights, recessed running lights in the counterweight, and even a draw pin if you need to pull someone or something out of a ditch. 
While this model is complete overkill for warehouse dock environment, it is right at home in the yard on pavement, gravel, or dirt.  Manitou does not make a forklift for dock, stock, and rack aisle type work with narrow aisles and controlled conditions. So, ACT carries several lines of forklifts to meet the varying needs of our customer applications. We strive to always provide experience based solutions at ACT, and having products that bring solutions, reduce customer expenses, and provide return on investment help us meet that goal.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Work security - A place to call home?

It seems that human nature causes most people to complain about their work. And in reality, there are a lot of people working in places they do not want to be.  It doesn't take much time while shopping for something you or your family needs to experience an exceptional worker. Some exceptional workers provide a bad customer experience with rude and overall  bad service and attitude.  The other side is the exceptional customer experience with a pleasant, well trained, and positive attitude worker that makes our customer experience memorable for all the right reasons.

In a Forbes magazine article from June 2014, survey responses indicated that 52.3% of people are unhappy at work. The number of unhappy people in the workplace has continued to slide over the past years.  The one thing that worries workers most are layoffs. 46.6% of employees say they feel satisfied with their job security, and that’s way down from the 59.4% who said they felt they had job security in 1987.

Job security is important in all phases of life. Whether you are just out of school, raising a family, supporting kids in college, or nearing retirement, we need to know our job is going to be there for us like we are for it. Forklift service careers are rewarding and the life blood of forklift dealerships across the United States. Below is a link to a short video about service technician opportunities, specifically the large population of Toyota forklifts in the market place and the security of working on Toyota forklifts in the United States.

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