Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Where's the beef?

Where's the beef?  This question was part of pop culture back in 1984 as Clara at the ripe old age of 81 asked of the fictional fast food chain "Big Buns".    Three elderly ladies were served an enormous hamburger bun containing a very small hamburger patty.  "Where's the beef" line instantly became a catchphrase across the United States.  Wendy's, sales jumped 31% in 1985 worldwide.
The advertisement was a huge success as it showed the contrast between Clara's two friends that were impressed with the large buns while Clara was more concerned about what was inside.  You can see the original commercial form 32 years ago by clicking this link.

Toyota puts great thought and planning in the details of what is on the inside of their forklifts. Only the best parts that meet stringent testing and quality checks are allowed in the forklifts. This helps to continue Toyota's tradition of the highest customer satisfaction numbers in the industry.
As business owners become Toyota forklift owners, what is on the insider should remain important. Quality parts backed with a strong warranty are reasons for replacing parts with genuine Toyota parts. Toyota takes it another step further and agrees to replace the part and cover the labor to replace failed parts.  That is confidence in replacement part durability and quality. These things add up to lower maintenance cost, increased uptime, and a forklift that keeps running while others sit on the sidelines awaiting repairs.  Here is a short video that discusses Toyota genuine parts.

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