Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year - Now, are your inspections up to date?

I don't think anyone likes all the inspections required to run a business, and it is easy to let them slide.  It is a large task to keep current on your inventory, much less the annual inspections required for certain equipment. We can help. We offer free inventory evaluations that include recommendations and requirements for each different type. One area that people overlook until it is too late is the Fire Door areas of their facility.  Take a look at this short video on fire door safety and required inspections for this type of equipment.
That inspection sticker is a great piece of mind that you meet the requirement but more importantly that your associates are safer in case of a fire.  This door happens to be at the ACT Winston-Salem facility and it gives us piece of mind that the door will close in the case of a fire in our forklift shop area, and that it will close at the proper speed.
Take a look at that aerial work platform Blake is using in the video.  This scissor lift requires an annual inspection to insure that it is operating safely and properly. We can help identify the other areas in your facility that require inspection and certification, and look forward to helping you have a great 2017.  Contact us at or at 800-849-5438. Happy New Year.


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