Friday, February 24, 2017

Cost Saving Equipment Service Options - "Call the Man"

In one of the most popular episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show", there is a battle raging between Andy and Aunt Bee. The episode is titled, “Call the Man”.  In an attempt to save money, Aunt Bee buys 150 pounds of beef from the town's new butcher. After her freezer breaks, she must choose between hiring an expensive repair man or asking her old butcher for help.  She buys the beef as a cost savings idea for the family.  In her attempts to keep the savings, she is conflicted with asking her local butcher for help. After all, he is the one that lost her business. Andy makes her bring it back and will not use the local butcher to store beef that was not bought local.  She requests the help of neighborhood friend Gomer to repair the freezer, which turns out to be a disaster.  Throughout the entire show, Andy tells her to call the repairman and get the freezer fixed.  It is quite the visual comedy as Aunt Bee hauls the 150 lb. of beef to the butcher, then back home again as a pack of dogs follow the wagon. 

While there are advantages to cost savings, getting expert help saves money in the long run.  Trained professionals dealing with problems like ours can bring solutions we would never think about while doing it quicker than we can do it on our own.  In the material handling business, solutions come to you in the form of our technicians, customer service representatives, sales people, and management team. Our experience helps you because we have been there, done that, and not once, but multiple times. We bring solutions from our body of work and experiences, and this enables us to bring a solution that is not only cost effective, but often is a cost reduction.
Looking at it from an equipment purchase angle, compare the automobile and forklift purchase.  While you pour over options on an auto, few of those change your ability to use the auto on roads.  The forklift purchase is quite different as the options chosen determine height, width, length, aisle requirement, power, UL rating, as well as the ability to use attachments.  During an onsite survey, our experienced associates ask questions that help drive the proper solution now, as well as the future.

The video above helps to clarify some of the many options when it comes to forklifts and the specifications and options.  I encourage you to call the professional to assist with problems and projects.  Solutions come in many different forms, and partnering with a solution provider helps you get back to the things that are important. For more details, contact us at 800-849-5438 and check out our website at


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