Thursday, March 2, 2017

Manitou Forklifts - Answers to many applications

We live in a world of unique products and services, so it makes sense that buyers need options on how to handle their unique requirements. While this piece of equipment may not solve many problems in the warehouse and distribution centers of the world, it is the swiss army knife of the agriculture world.

Mixed farming is an agricultural activity which obviously requires flexibility. By listening to you and observing you at work we have understood this and have developed solutions that allow you to easily carry out all of your tasks.
In one single day, you sometimes need to clean out stalls, feed cattle, handle bales, prepare silage, dig out a pond or look for a calf in a field. A Manitou will provide you with a Swiss knife of tools for your activity, with one single machine and a range of attachments.

Are you a poultry farmer? Manitou has given thought to the specific aspects of your job and offers several completely tailored solutions. Whether you need to build, maintain or clean your hen houses or silos, install pens, move prefabricated houses, feed the animals or load/unload lorries, we will surely have a solution that will increase your productivity.

The video below shows the tremendous range of solutions and helps bring solutions to those having a crappy day on the farm. While these units are fun to drive, they perform the work of many people and one unit takes the place of many pieces of equipment.

Give us a call for all your off road handing needs because we have solutions for rent, purchase, or lease and the return on investment is quick. How are you going to do more with less, by getting the right equipment and variety of attachments to help one person do more, quicker and safer.  Sound good?  Give us a call at 800-849-5438 or visit us at  


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